I create "Visual Biographies®" with 100s of hand drawn images INSIDE of EACH ONE!   It's 10% research, 10% drawing, and 80% "OCD". HA!   My wife says it's "Artwork you can spend time with" and many others claim that "they've owned your artwork for years, and I see something different each time I look".  

A "Visual Biography®"  Is an image that from across the room looks like an ordinary picture or portrait.  But when you get really close-up, you notice there are 10000s of tiny, hidden images inside!  Each tiny image that makes up the overall  image also tells the ENTIRE story of the over all subject. Each original takes MONTHS to create, and many, many weeks of intense research.....Over time using hundreds of images and countless pens, I would put my mind to work and let my hands run free. The end results are my vision of extraordinary people, places and things. Look close, now look again. Do you see what I see?


In 2013, fed-up with the 9 to 5 corporate grind, I quit my 12 year Civil Engineering career to chase my dream of becoming an Artist.  With absolutely no art, no business, no marketing background, and no plan, I quit my perfectly good job!  I combined my two loves of 1) research and 2) doodling, and made it into a truly unique art form. 

To create my originals, I spend months doing 'research' on my subjects before a pen stroke hits the paper. I tend to immerse myself in one subject at a time, and then suddenly the drawings come pouring out. Each unique piece is drawn freehand using black Sharpies and Micron pens (lots of them), on high quality bond paper. The original drawing takes approximately 3 to 4 months, with upwards of 80 hours of “hands on” drawing-time. Most of the images within the master image are relevant to the overall vision, but some things simply make me smile, so I add them to the work.

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My first collage was drawn for my father as a Christmas gift in 2007.  I was running low on money that Christmas season since they cut our hours at my Engineering job.  So I decided to make something for my father rather than buy something.  I drew him the Pittsburgh Football collage.  He loved the collage and so did many others. From that day on my dream started taking shape, piece-by-piece, just like my artwork.  Look close, now look again. Do you see what I see?