"Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE]
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"Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE] "Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE] "Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE] "Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE] "Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE] "Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE]

"Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE]

  • $ 30,000.00


Ironically enough, the Special Events Coordinator for WVU asked me to create a "Visual Biography®" of for thier school, for the 2010 Montaineer Week festivities.  I did.  Everyone loved it.  The Assistant to the President even purchased one for the President's office.   Then a couple months later their attorneys sent me a cease and desist letter, requesting $30k for 'use of the logo' and requiring a hefty percentage of the sales.  Being a small time artist, I had to comply and stopped selling them immediately.  If I sell another one, the fine and legal fees woudl amount to $30k.  Which is why the price is $30k.

I drew this artwork to capture the entire Morgantown experience. I did a lot of research to make sure it was an in-depth, meaningful, nostalgic, and a personal experience for every WVU fan. Within this unique piece, you will find numerous buildings, dorms, restaurants, bars, and tons of sports history. I put countless hours of thought, research and investigation into the smaller-internal images within this collage, before I put the pen to the paper. I interviewed a diverse group of folks consisting of current students, recent alumni, older alumni, and die-hard sports fans so that everybody can relate. I hope you enjoy this collage as much as I do. Look close, do you see what I see?

A video explanation of the "Visual Biography®" COMING SOON!

"Personalization" is when Chris HIDES/ADDS names, words, or phrases INSIDE of one of his existing artworks!  It looks like part of the original artwork!  ($20).  Up to 5-words.  People rave about "Personalization" at my art shows because it makes the artwork more of an original.  It literally ties a person, family, or organization INTO the artwork.  They become a part of the overall "Visual Biography®" of the subject.  Add your name, or all the family members names, or "Happy Birthday Susan!", or "Congrats Billy, love Mom!"....anything you need to make it special to you.

Matted artwork is ready to display, or gift!  If you CHECK "Add a Black Matte" (+$15) then your 8"x10" artwork will arrive already affixed to beautiful 11"x14" Black Matte.  Matted artwork also includes a sturdy backing board, all inside a crystal clear sleeve.  MATTED ARTWORK IS READY TO DISPLAY OR GIFT!  


If you choose NOT to "Add a Black Matte", your artwork will arrive as just a print (8"x10").  You will need to purchase and matte your own artwork. 

Buy with 100% confidence that your artwork will arrive in perfect condition!!! If ANYTHING happens during the shipping process (even if it's not my fault) I will replace your order 100% free. Rest assured that 99.99% of the artwork arrives unscathed, but if yours would get bent, damaged, etc. .....I will make a quick exchange free of charge. No questions asked!
UNMATTED ARTWORK: Is delivered in a sturdy cardboard mailer, stamped "Do Not Bend" many times.
MATTED ARTWORK: Is delivered in a high quality manilla envelope, stamped "Do Not Bend" many times. 

You can download or print the accompanying materials for each "Visual Biography®".  There is at least 1 piece of information to accompany each artwork.  Sometime more.  You'll see I am pretty inconsistent with what I have across different artworks since my marketing strategies have developed and changed over the years.  But, at least you will have what I have!   Here are the links to the available downloads:



To Print or Download the available information follow the steps below.

1.      Click Link(s) above. A new window opens.

2.      Right click on the image, and click "Print" or "Save Link As...".

COMING SOON!  Ask Chris a questions about this artwork, and get the FAQs going!  Email Chris at  

"Morgantown, W V " - [NO LONGER FOR SALE]

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